Starters ... finishers

It's not about how many start to walk this path but about how many finish and keep going!
I've known many that started with me and never finished.
Others that started with me and left the path somewhat in the middle or one third to completing it.
Many were so much better than me in aikido. 
Lots of ukemi and breakfalls.
Stronger techniques, perhaps.
And yet, 
I'm a stronger finisher. Stronger in my commitment to keep going.
Stronger in my search for the meaning of the path in my life, a path that never ends.
Stronger in opening the doors for others to come and train.
And in keeping them open in spite of so many obstacles.
And everything has been done resting on my own effort, resources and understanding of the art. 
Yes, so many have been better starters.
And yet, I'm still here!

I'm a stronger finisher!



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