Our first, first kyu ...!

"Is this for real?", looks like Mark is thinking.
After four hard years of training and commitment,
"Yes, Mark. It is real."
One more stretch of the path and you will be a shodan!

And Madriana will be Marks uke  all next class!

Wait till he sees this last photo!


Soft and flexible ukemi ...


Relaxed and bearing ...unpretentious!

"...Those having a true knowledge of budo are relaxed in bearing; they give the impression of being soft and gentle. Those with confidence in budo never swagger or brag, and their demeanor is always pleasant and joyful. Outwardly they manifest gentleness; inwardly there is great strength. In daily life, they are unpretentious and modest, and their actions are natural, never forced. They show themselves as they are, living life naturally and spontaneously. This is the picture of the true student of the martial arts."
-Kisshomaru Ueshiba
Fr. "The Spirit of Aikido"

AWA dojo chos and teaching committe with Yokota Shihan and his ukes...


Morgantown 2017


Shodan at 91 ...

When there's a will and commitment...