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Valley Forge Aikido Seminar starts today ...

Dojo will be closed this weekend. We'll be training in Valley Forge Training Center. Andrew Sato Shihan will be teaching. It's important for us to attend because along the way to a shodan this is part of our test requirements and we'll do a great dis-service to our training not to participate when the time is due.

We'll talk more about this when we come back.  For now, we are looking forward to meeting old and new friends and to train in this marvelous martial art!

A safe place ...? (2)

Safety can't be coerced, bought nor begged. You might think otherwise when  we find so many efforts from external  sources to proclaim they work for  our safety. When there are so many ads about how to buy the best security system. And when you see so many abdicating their responsibility for their own safety. And it is this last point the most important one. Safety is an individual responsibility. 
No matter what anyone does, how good a safety system is, how many weapons surround us, is up to us individually to keep ourselves safe.  When we abdicate this responsibility by not taking care of our health and property, not screening our surroundings, not practicing common sense in our choices and acting carelessly and in a reckless manner the consequences will follow and we'll have to share the responsibility of those actions or in-actions.  
It's so easy to play the blame game. To assume the victim posture. Isn't it  more courageous to stop playing both the blame an…

A safe space ...?

What is it?

Does a particular sign makes a safe space safe? Does a space becomes safe just because I say so? What is behind a safe space? What makes it safe? But more importantly and definitive, who makes it safe?
We'll talk more about this later ... mcr

Kotegaeshi , again?

Yes, again and gain and again and once more, again! The key to learn and do each technique better. Is to do it, again and again!


How to train?

One day at a time!

This is a photo of our first day years ago at the Milford's Boys and Girls Club. One day at a time from white to black.The only path!


Who do I fight while I train ...?

Who do I fight every time I enter the mat? 
My old self. My old understanding. My doubts. My fears. 

Who wins the encounter?
The one I become.  
It's up to me.
It's my choice.


Giving birth, yes that's how I will describe this process of changing our presence in the web. A new blog. With the same name. The old is gone and we move forward. I like images. I love stories. We are more than facts. We are the stories we tell ourselves. And the ones we share together. We are our limited perspectives as individuals. And the more complicated one as a group. For now I'll try to make it work and make it better. Keep in touch!