The true enemy...

Is not the one that we see with our eyes. Nor the one we hear from afar. The true enemy of our progress lies closer, within. It's us. Our thoughts of insufficiency. Thoughts of incompetence. What is competence but the result of hard work and training. Yet, the feelings may assault us once in a while and we might even believe their power is real when it is not. 

We face not the other but ourselves in what we see in the other, what we experience in circumstances that may surround us once in a while. Not that there's not a world of possible danger this crazy world that we live in. Evil is real. There are individuals perpetrating  heinous acts all around us in the world.
Doubts, uncertainty and  multiple questions may be the unwanted visitor into our lives. We deal not only with what lies outside. But with what we carry inside. And it is this last one the one that is in our power to correct. To fight with. To vanquish if this were only possible. 

Only when we deal with the enemy within can we start dealing with the outer ones. Without prejudice and fear. Our own inner dreads and fright, sometimes disguised into lots of forms. Some of them by self aggrandizement and many times as a misplaced humbleness considering ourselves as less than we really are. 

We need to fight and train. Train hard to know who we are. What are we capable of. And face first ourselves, our own reality before we even start considering facing another.



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